Calgary Tower

When visiting Calgary Alberta and looking for popular destinations the number one on your bucket list should be the Calgary Tower,
Standing at 190.80 meter and has a free-standing observation deck with glass floors for the complete experience. It is located at 101 9 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 1J9.
Other than the observation deck there are other reasons to visit the Calgary Tower which you can see below.

The Observation Deck
The observation deck is located below the SKY Restaurant in Calgary Tower, and offers glass floors so you could feel like you are standing in the air. Besides the glass floors there is also a snack bar and an option to see the Rocky Mountains, The Bow Building (The Tallest Building In Calgary Alberta) and other staples of the city of Calgary.

The SKY Restaurant
Food with a view! on a sunny day you could eat tasty meals while rotating 360 degrees getting a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains that are right outside of Calgary Alberta. The SKY Restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner menu’s with a view that will leave you mesmerized.

Chris Ruth’s Steakhouse
If you’re craving a steak or a fancy dinner the steakhouse at the 2nd level is your place to go, offering many types of stake cuts with a chef’s menu, Chris Ruth’s Steakhouse has the whole package for you to enjoy.

LED Show
Although this beauty is from the outside of the Calgary Tower, the tower houses over 200 unique computerized LED lights creating a different light show every night.
Each LED is controlled through a different IP address making every light unique in it’s color creating show.

Up until the 1980s the Calgary Tower was the tallest building in Calgary AB but was over throne by the Bow Building and hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, greeted every new year with a dazzling light show and welcomed Stanley Cup victories.


The Calgary Tower is a must see attraction when visiting the City Of Calgary, If you’re looking for more places make sure to check this page for more information. In general there are many place to see when coming to the Calgary AB and just like the Calgary Tower there are many other staples like The Calgary Zoo and more.
The Calgary Tower has many options to keep you busy throughout your day such as restaurants, tours, views and more!